In recent years, traditional agriculture has faced unprecedented challenges as the global population continues to grow and environmental pressures intensify. Organisms in the oceans, such as seaweeds, marine microorganisms, and various marine invertebrates, contain many unique active substances. For example, seaweed extracts contain inorganic nutrients essential for plant growth and are rich in amines, cytochrome C, and indole compounds, which have irreplaceable effects on plant growth and development. In addition, marine natural products (MNPs) have a wide range of biological activities such as antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, etc., which can bring unprecedented breakthroughs in agriculture. CD BioSciences is committed to transforming the rich potential of marine resources into innovative solutions that can bring sustainable development opportunities for agricultural production. Through our scientific research and technological innovations, we can not only improve the efficiency and productivity of the agricultural output but also promote ecological balance and sustainable resource utilization.

Marine natural products can contribute to sustainable agriculture.Figure 1. Overview of the global state of farming, extraction, and applications of seaweeds. (Zhang L, et al., 2022)


  • Biopesticides and Plant Protection

We have developed a series of highly effective, low-toxicity marine microbial pesticides utilizing bioactive ingredients from marine natural products to control pests, diseases, and weeds and protect crops from damage. These products not only provide excellent insecticidal and fungicidal effects but are also compatible with the environment and ecosystems, providing sustainable protection solutions for agricultural production.

  • Plant Growth Regulation and Nutrient Enhancement

Our team provides marine biofertilizer development services. As MNPs are rich in growth hormones and nutrients, they can promote crop growth and development, increase root biomass and leaf area, and improve photosynthetic efficiency and nutrient uptake. At the same time, they can also regulate the physiological and metabolic processes of plants and enhance the resistance and adaptability of crops, thus improving yield and quality.

  • Soil Remediation and Amelioration

MNPs extracted from extracted shellfish, seaweed, and coral in our technology platform have excellent soil repair and improvement effects, which can degrade harmful substances in soil, improve soil aeration and water retention, regulate soil pH and ionic balance, promote the growth and activity of soil microorganisms, and improve the soil structure and fertility, providing a good soil environment for crop growth.

Our Advantages

  • Unique resources. We make full use of the rich resources and diversity of marine natural products to develop innovative solutions that are different from traditional agricultural products.
  • Specialization. We have an R&D team of senior scientists and professionals dedicated to cutting-edge research and technological innovation in the field of marine biotechnology.
  • Quality assurance. We strictly follow the international quality management system standards to ensure the stable and reliable quality of our products and provide our customers with high-quality products and services.

What do We Support?

CD BioSciences not only focuses on product development and innovation but is also committed to promoting the sustainable development of agriculture. Our use of marine natural products can effectively reduce agriculture's dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers, reduce environmental pollution, and protect the ecosystem. If you would like more information about our services or products, please contact us.


  • Zhang L, Liao W, Huang Y, et al. (2022). Global seaweed farming and processing in the past 20 years[J]. Food Production, Processing and Nutrition. 4(1): 23.

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