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Development of Marine Antimicrobial Drug

Development of Marine Antimicrobial Drug

Marine plants are a repository of diverse antimicrobial compounds such as marine flavonoids, flavonols, terpenoids, alkaloids, peptides, carbohydrates, fatty acids, polyketides, polysaccharides, phenolics, and steroids. Much of today's research focuses on marine species, which have proven to be potent sources of structurally diverse and highly biologically active secondary metabolites. Some of these marine species live in stressful habitats with cold, lightless and high-pressure conditions. These factors lead to the development of unique metabolisms, which provide the opportunity to produce metabolites distinct from terrestrial metabolites, providing an excellent resource for the discovery of new compounds with interesting biological activities, including antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

CD BioSciences stands at the forefront, offering innovative solutions and expertise in the development of marine antimicrobial drugs. With our comprehensive range of services, advanced methodologies, and dedicated team, we are committed to making a significant impact on the health and sustainability of marine ecosystems.

Our Services

Our antimicrobial drug development platforms span biology, chemistry, structural biology, biophysics and ADME/PK. This functional integration creates a collaborative environment that increases efficiency and productivity.

  • Sample Collection of Marine Organism
    We extracted active compounds from varied species of marine organisms including phylum Porifera, algae including diatoms, Chlorophyta, Euglenophyta, Dinoflagellata, Chrysophyta, cyanobacteria, Rhodophyta, Phaeophyta, bacteria, fungi, and weeds.
  • Extraction and Purification of MarineAntimicrobial Compounds
    • Flavonoids extraction and purification
    • Terpenoids/Isoprenoids/modified terpenes extraction and purification
    • Alkaloids extraction and purification
    • Peptides extraction and purification
    • Carbohydrates extraction and purification
    • Fatty acids extraction and purification
    • Polyketides extraction and purification
    • Polysaccharides extraction and purification
    • Phenolic compounds extraction and purification
    • Steroids extraction and purification
  • Formulation and Drug Delivery
    By utilizing advanced formulation technologies, we enhance the bioavailability and targeted delivery of antimicrobial drugs to maximize their therapeutic impact.

Integrated Drug Discovery and Research Platform

We leverage our integrated chemistry and biology research platforms to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for creating, identifying and supporting preclinical drug candidates, from discovery to development. We provide synthetic and medicinal chemistry solutions and biological services to create, identify and support preclinical drug candidates from discovery to development.

  • Target validation, CRISPR
  • X-ray crystallography
  • Biophysical analytics
  • In vitro efficacy & MoA
  • In vivo efficacy
  • Scale up of candidates for preclinical studies
  • Metabolic and impurity identification synthesis

CD BioSciences is a professional service provider for the marine biology industry. Our marine antimicrobial drug development services can ensure that the most suitable methods and techniques are selected for your project. We provide our customers with the most precise ingredient data and highly informed process expertise. Our team of biomass experts plays a key role in the formulation, optimization and commercial evaluation of biomass value-added processes in industry and academia. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

Please kindly note that our services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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