Cardiovascular disease


Cardiovascular diseases, also known as circulatory diseases, are increasing in prevalence and mortality and are now the leading cause of death. Therefore, searching for new, highly effective therapeutic drugs with few side effects has become a hot topic in today's pharmaceutical research. Studies have shown that marine natural products (MNPs) have significant pharmacological activities with significantly lower toxicity and side effects than synthetic compounds and that these marine-derived active substances play an important role in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, which are the leading cause of mortality and morbidity. MNPs are an important source for developing drugs for treating cardiovascular diseases because of their antithrombotic, cardiac function improvement, and antihypertensive properties. important source. CD BioSciences has been deeply involved in marine biotechnology for many years and continues to explore and discover marine natural products with the potential for drug development for cardiovascular diseases.

Marine natural products are used in the R&D of drugs for cardiovascular diseases.Figure 1. Mechanisms of Manzamine A, Astaxanthin, and Asperlin in CVDs. (Akram W, et al., 2023)

Classical MNPs and Applications in Cardiovascular Disease

  • Alginic acid. Alginic acid and its derivatives can reduce the absorption of cholesterol through the formation of gels and improve metabolic syndrome by regulating the intestinal flora, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Algae polysaccharides. Algae polysaccharide has a variety of biological activities including anticoagulant, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory, and hypolipidemic. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by inhibiting platelet aggregation and fibrin formation and reducing the formation of blood clots. It is now widely used in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
  • Echinoid A. Echinoid A extracted from Echinoidea can up-regulate genes related to mitochondrial biogenesis, enhance oxidative phosphorylation, increase endogenous ATP synthesis, alleviate myocardial hypoxia, and improve cardiac function.

What Can We Offer?

  • Extraction and Purification of MNPs

We use advanced extraction and purification technologies to obtain natural products from a wide range of marine organisms, including algae, sponges, mollusks, and marine microorganisms. Through the use of solvent extraction, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), and crystallization and separation, we ensure that the extracts are of high purity and activity to meet the needs of subsequent research and development.

  • Chemical Structure Identification and Modification

With the help of modern analytical tools such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectrometry (MS), and X-ray crystallography, we carry out detailed chemical structure identification of the extracted natural products to ensure accurate structure. According to the needs of drug discovery, we also provide chemical modification services to optimize the efficacy, stability, and pharmacokinetics of compounds through structural modification.

  • Bioactivity Screening

We utilize a high-throughput screening platform to rapidly assess the biological activity of a large number of natural products against cardiovascular disease-related targets. Through cellular experiments, we detect the effects of compounds on the proliferation, apoptosis, and function of cardiovascular cells, and combined with enzyme activity assays, we screen candidate compounds with significant activity against specific cardiovascular targets to advance their drug development process.

  • In Vivo and Ex Vivo Pharmacology

We provide comprehensive ex vivo and in vivo pharmacology services, including the use of cell models to assess the protective effects and mechanisms of action of compounds on cardiovascular cells, as well as the validation of the efficacy and safety of compounds through animal models. We also conduct pharmacokinetic studies to assess the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) properties of compounds in the body to ensure that they have favorable drug properties in the body.

  • Preclinical Studies

Our team provides systematic preclinical study support. These include acute, sub-acute, and chronic toxicity assays to assess the safety of the compounds and in-depth studies of their efficacy and mechanism of action. In addition, we provide regulatory consulting services and assist clients in writing filings to ensure that the project meets international and domestic regulatory requirements for drug discovery and development and that the drug discovery and development process is smoothly advanced.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Abundant resources. We have a huge pool of marine resources covering a wide range of sources such as algae, marine bacteria, and marine fungi, which ensures the breadth and depth of research.
  • Advanced technology platform. Our team employs cutting-edge screening, identification, and evaluation technologies to quickly and accurately identify and optimize candidate compounds.
  • Highly specialized. Our team of experts covers a wide range of fields and can provide professional guidance and support for every project.

Related Services & Products

Marine natural products are an important source for cardiovascular disease drug development, and CD BioSciences is committed to tapping into this valuable resource to provide comprehensive and efficient R&D services to our clients. If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • Akram W, Rihan M, Ahmed S, et al. (2023). Marine-Derived Compounds Applied in Cardiovascular Diseases: Submerged Medicinal Industry[J]. Marine Drugs. 21(3): 193.

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