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Efficacy Test of Algicides

Algaecide or algicide is a biocide used for killing and preventing the growth of algae, often defined in a loose sense that, beyond the biological definition, also includes cyanobacteria ("blue-green algae"). An algaecide may be used for controlled bodies of water (reservoirs, golf ponds, swimming pools), but may also be used on land for locations such as turfgrass. Efficacy testing of algicides is an important part of understanding their effects on aquatic organisms.

CD BioSciences offers testing services to evaluate the effectiveness of different algicides. We use various methods to conduct efficient and accurate testing of the efficacy of these chemicals. Effective control of algal growth is essential in maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. CD BioSciences is a leading provider of efficacy testing services for algicides. In order to evaluate the efficacy, the biomass reduction caused by different active substance concentrations is determined. Biomass is monitored by measuring chlorophyll fluorescence at various time points over a specific time period (hours to weeks).

Our Services

CD BioSciences' algicide efficacy testing services provide timely and accurate results, including detailed reports summarizing observations, data and analytical conclusions. We provide laboratory studies to test whether your product meets its label claims under specified conditions of use.

  • Algal Cell Density Test
    This test is used to measure the concentration and growth of algae in the presence of algicides. The test employs various methods of measurements of algal cells.
  • Microscopic Analysis
    Microscopic analysis is performed to observe the visual impact of algicides on the morphology and structure of algae. The analysis includes the observation of dead, dying, and healthy algae cells.
  • Measurement of Photosynthetic Efficiency
    Changes in photosynthetic efficiency of algae are also observed in the presence of algicides. Photosynthetic efficiency is determined with the help of a Fluorimeter.

Course of Test

The test always includes a negative control without the active substance to compare the reduction in biomass in the batch containing the active substance with the increase in biomass in the control. Tests can be modified according to defined criteria (concentration range, algae species, algae starting density, temperature, application method, exposure time, etc.)

Test Organisms

We perform efficacy tests on various species of suspended green algae (e.g., Raphidocelis subcapitata, Desmodesmus subspicatus), filamentous green algae (e.g., Spirogyra sp.) or cyanobacteria (e.g., Synechococcus leopoliensis, Anabaena flos-aquae).

CD BioSciences is a professional service provider for the marine biology industry. Our algicide efficacy testing services can ensure that the most suitable methods and techniques are selected for your project. We provide our customers with the most precise ingredient data and highly informed process expertise. Our team of biomass experts plays a key role in the formulation, optimization and commercial evaluation of biomass value-added processes in industry and academia. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

Please kindly note that our services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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