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Development of Marine Neuroprotective Drug

Development of Marine Neuroprotective Drug

The pharmaceutical biochemicals industry has made great strides as natural products are the first choice for the discovery and development of drug molecules for the treatment of various human diseases. While terrestrial organisms are currently the primary source, the marine environment is of major scientific interest due to its biodiversity, abundance, and biological potential to derive biological compounds. Furthermore, their structural and chemical properties are not usually found in terrestrial products, and their biological activity is ten times higher than that of molecules of terrestrial origin. Marine biological compounds are derived from animals, plants, and microorganisms, and each type provides a large number of compounds, including carbohydrates, polyphenols, peptides, proteins, pigments, and essential fatty acids, with antioxidant, antithrombotic, anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, antidiabetic and cardioprotective properties. In addition, marine compounds have demonstrated neuroprotective effects through various studies, mainly aimed at preventing neurodegeneration and reducing oxidative stress in the central nervous system.

Our Services

Our laboratories and different units are well equipped and work under good laboratory practice. We design and implement state-of-the-art information technology to further enhance performance and delivery.

  • Extraction and Purification of Marine Neuroprotective Compounds
    • Marine polysaccharides extraction and purification
    • Marine glycosaminoglycans extraction and purification
    • Marine glycoproteins extraction and purification
    • Marine lipids and glycolipids extraction and purification
    • Marine pigments extraction and purification
  • Analytical, Testing and Release
    • Analytical support for drug development
    • Calibration of CoA by reference material or complete standard report
    • Compound structure detection and configuration confirmation
    • Structural elucidation of impurities or degradation products by LC/MS/MS and various NMR spectra
    • Determine the degradation pathway and provide filing materials
    • Leachable/extractable detection
  • Safety Pharmacology of Marine Neuroprotective Compounds
    • Central nervous system studies
    • Cardiovascular system studies
    • In conscious or anesthetized animals
    • HERG and Purkinje studies (in vitro)
    • Respiratory system studies: whole body plethysmography

Our Advantages

  • An efficient team that meets deadlines.
  • We are proud of our professional and efficient R&D team.
  • Our team members hold master's or doctoral degrees.
  • On each project, we make the best use of our time to ensure overall efficiency.
  • Fee for service on-time delivery rate > 80%.
  • Deliver one compound per full-time equivalent per week.
  • The number of reactions completed per researcher per week was >12.

CD BioSciences is a professional service provider for the marine biology industry. Our marine neuroprotective drug development services can ensure that the most suitable methods and techniques are selected for your project. We provide our customers with the most precise ingredient data and highly informed process expertise. Our team of biomass experts plays a key role in the formulation, optimization and commercial evaluation of biomass value-added processes in industry and academia. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

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