Algae Strains

Algae can be unicellular or multicellular, prokaryotic or eukaryotic. Algae include microalgae (single-celled eukaryotes), macroalgae (seaweed), and cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae. Strains that do not require light produce new biomass by providing a carbon source, such as sugar, and are known as heterotrophic algae. Some algal strains accumulated large amounts of oil (possibly more than 50% of their ashless cell dry weight) inside their cells. Some algal strains produced significantly more oil than oilseed crops. Many strains also secrete metabolites into the growth medium or accumulate intracellularly.

CD BioSciences has one of the most genetically diverse collections of organisms available to the public and many species of algae. Our strength is our objectivity. CD BioSciences team members fully recognize the tremendous challenges facing the algae industry, and at the same time, we are excited about the tremendous potential algae offer as a biological resource.


Products Name Specification Cat. # Price
Coelastrella thermophila Mesophilic strain BTCRO-0001 Inquiry
Pleurastrum Psychrophilic strain BTCRO-0002 Inquiry
Chlamydomonas klinobasis Psychrophilic strain BTCRO-0003 Inquiry
Raphidonema cf. nivale Psychrophilic strain BTCRO-0004 Inquiry
Chloromonas pichinchae Psychrophilic strain BTCRO-0005 Inquiry
Chlamydomonas komma Psychrophilic strain BTCRO-0006 Inquiry
Dictyococcus varians Psychrotolerant strain BTCRO-0007 Inquiry
Bracteacoccus grandis Psychrotolerant strain BTCRO-0008 Inquiry
Chloromonas schussnigii Psychrophilic strain BTCRO-0009 Inquiry
Chloromonas insignis Psychrophilic strain BTCRO-0010 Inquiry

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