CD BioSciences is a leading company providing the best technology services. Our talented scientists with extensive experience in biology, chemistry and engineering can avoid common pitfalls in experimental design.

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    Discounted Pricing

    We will provide the best quality products, the best prices, and the most satisfactory services.

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    Fast Lead Times

    CD BioSciences offers one-stop services to save you hours or even days of precious research time.

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    Customer Service

    Our experts can help solve any problems during your project process and also offer custom services to support your projects.

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Our laboratory work begins in the R&D phase: different approaches and parameters are explored and tested on a small scale to identify successful approaches. Depending on customer requirements, successfully developed analysis programs can be further validated. Viability analysis will be performed on the client's marine microbial samples after the analytical program has been successfully established.

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Our commitment to excellence

  • ♦ We treat others how we want to be treated.
  • ♦ To guarantee you consistently high standards, we also conduct regular checks of all our services.
  • ♦ Our experts will work closely with you to assist in the design and optimization of your custom biofilm analysis program.
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Why choose us?

  • 100% Tailor made

    We have been offering high-quality products for many years. The quality and environment certificate allowed us to implement a management system consistent with our philosophy. Customer service, constant monitoring of the market requirements, research and development activity, all directed to design and manufacture new products, respecting the environment.

  • Expert knowledge

    CD BioSciences has introduced international advanced production equipment to continuously adapt our solutions to international high-end demands. Our vision is to position the marine biotechnology industry as a key component in enabling workforce, economic and environmental solutions on a global scale.

  • The best guides

    We assist life sciences companies in developing testing strategies from ideation through product development, manufacturing and commercialization. Our expertise and services help determine the initial screening and feasibility of new ideas during the ideation and ideation process.

  • Dedicated business processes

    Based on our experience working with clients, we have developed specific processes to help you deliver your proposal materials smoothly. CD BioSciences has professionals dedicated to serving clients who understand the importance of high-quality laboratory data and the importance of timely and effective business exploration recommendations.

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