Marine Biopigments

The marine environment is recognized as an important source of biopigments and many isolates of marine bacteria have been tested for pigment production. Marine bacterial species make up a significant portion of marine populations and are prolific producers of bioactive fractions with a variety of medical and industrial applications. In recent years, marine bacterial pigments have been widely used as natural, environmentally safe, and healthful compounds. Bacterial species isolated from marine sediments or seawater, such as Streptomyces spp., Pseudomonas spp., Pseudomonas spp., Bacillus spp., and Vibrio spp. are capable of producing a range of pigment compounds including, respectively, prodigiosine, astaxanthin, pyocyanin, melanin, and β-carotene.

Marine Biopigments


In addition, phycobiliprotein from cyanobacteria are considered high-value natural products for biotechnological applications with antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory potentials, and are attracting attention for their potential uses in different industries, such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, foods, feeds, and cosmetics. Phycobiliproteins are a group of water-soluble proteins with associated chromophores responsible for light trapping in cyanobacteria. They are classified into phycoerythrins, phycocyanins, phycoerythrocyanins, and allophycocyanins and are characterized based on their structure and light-quality absorption.

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CD BioSciences has rich marine biological resources and a professional technology platform, drilling in the field of marine pigments for many years to provide customers with a variety of natural pigments from marine organisms. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.


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C-Phycocyanin, 1 mg Phycocyanin MB-001 Inquiry
C-Phycocyanin, 5 mg Phycocyanin MB-002 Inquiry
C-Phycocyanin from Spirulina sp., 1 mg Phycocyanin MB-003 Inquiry
C-Phycocyanin from Spirulina sp., 5 mg Phycocyanin MB-004 Inquiry
R-Phycoerythrin, 1 mg Phycoerythrin MB-005 Inquiry
R-Phycoerythrin, 5 mg Phycoerythrin MB-006 Inquiry
Streptavidin, Phycoerythrin Conjugate Phycoerythrin MB-007 Inquiry
Streptavidin-R-Phycoerythrin Phycoerythrin MB-008 Inquiry
Streptavidin-R-Phycoerythrin from Streptomyces avidinii Phycoerythrin MB-009 Inquiry
Astaxanthin Astaxanthin MB-010 Inquiry

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