MNPs Derived from Sponge

Sponges are one of the most primitive multicellular animals and are by far the largest source of marine natural products (MNPs). Currently, the natural products isolated from sponge extracts often have unique structural skeletons or remarkable physiological functions, which can be applied to drug development and as organic synthesis or semi-synthetic chemical intermediates, with great potential as drug precursors. Sponge natural products mainly exhibit antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antitumor, antimalarial, antipollution, anthelmintic, and enzyme inhibitor activities. Therefore, sponges are a very important treasure trove of marine drugs.

MNPs Derived from Sponge

Leukemia Research

Early researchers isolated cytarabine and adenosine from a Caribbean sponge, which interferes with the reproduction of white blood cells or viruses. Until now, these two drugs still play important roles in treating acute leukemia and fighting viruses. In addition, scientists isolated soft spongin B from the Miura Peninsula sponge, a compound that can prolong the life of mice with leukemia by nearly three times.

Cancer Research

Despite their simple morphology, sponges have advanced cancer research because their genomes share strong homology with cancer-related genes in humans and vertebrates. Drugs have been developed for the treatment of advanced solid tumors through compounds isolated from extracts of the sponge Lithoplocamia lithistoides. Its anti-tumor mechanism of action comes from binding to microtubule proteins, thereby interfering with cell mitosis.

Bioactive Compound

The bioactive compounds of sponges can be categorized into terpenoids, alcohols, macrolides, alkaloids, peptides, higher fatty alcohols (acids, esters), as well as sulfur-containing and halogen-containing compounds, of which terpenoids are the most abundant. Most of these compounds have physiologically active effects such as antibacterial, antitumor, antiviral, hypotension, coagulation, and hemolysis.

Features of Our Products

  • Large amounts of halogen-containing organic matter.
  • Unique, complex, and changeable structure with strong biological activity.
  • Contain rare or special groups in the structure.

CD BioSciences is a specialized marine biotechnology company with an abundance of high-quality marine products. We are dedicated to providing clients with a wide variety of marine natural products derived from sponges to assist in new drug R&D and disease research. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

Products Name Specification Cat. # Price
Cytarabine, 10 mM * 1 mL in DMSO MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-097 Inquiry
Cytarabine, 100 mg MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-098 Inquiry
Cytarabine, 500 mg MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-099 Inquiry
Cytarabine, 1 g MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-100 Inquiry
Cytarabine, 5 g MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-101 Inquiry
Cytarabine, 10 g MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-102 Inquiry
Latrunculin A MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-103 Inquiry
Jasplakinolide, 50 μg MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-104 Inquiry
Jasplakinolide, 100 μg MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-105 Inquiry
Latrunculin B, 1 mg MNPs Derived from Sponge MNP-106 Inquiry

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