Algal Culture Media

Algae are photosynthetic organisms that have photosynthetic pigments such as chlorophyll. However, they lack the true roots, stems and leaves that are characteristic of vascular plants. Some of them are unicellular while others are multicellular. They may also form colonies. Most algae are aquatic. Algal cultures have been shown to be potential candidates for the removal of dye compounds from colored wastewater. They are effective biosorbents and bio coagulants because they are available in both freshwater and seawater. The biosorption capacity of algal cultures relies on their relatively high surface area and high binding affinity.

The media page provides the chemical composition, concentrations, and preparation details of the media used by CD BioSciences. The most important parameters regulating algal growth are the quantity and quality of nutrients, light, pH, turbulence, salinity and temperature. Optimal parameters and tolerance ranges vary by species. We offer test tube sizes, 1-liter sizes as well as our new bulk media kit (10L+).


Products Name Specification Cat. # Price
1% F/2 Medium 6 < pH < 8, 9 ppt BTCRO-1482 Inquiry
5% F/2 Medium 6 < pH < 8, 48 ppt BTCRO-1483 Inquiry
8 ppt F/2 Medium 6 < pH < 8, 8 ppt BTCRO-1484 Inquiry
Soil Extract Medium for Algae pH < 6 BTCRO-1485 Inquiry
Bristol Medium for Algae pH 6-8 BTCRO-1486 Inquiry
Cyanidium Medium for Algae pH < 6 BTCRO-1487 Inquiry
Spirulina Medium for Algae pH > 8 BTCRO-1488 Inquiry
Porphyridium Medium 6 < pH < 8 BTCRO-1489 Inquiry
Enriched Seawater Medium 6 < pH < 8, 30 ppt BTCRO-1490 Inquiry
Snow Algae Medium pH < 6 BTCRO-1491 Inquiry

Please kindly note that our products can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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