The oceans are the largest habitat on earth and harbor a large number of marine organisms that live in environments that are very different from those of terrestrial organisms, including high pressure, high salinity, nutrient deprivation, low temperatures, and low light. These differences constitute the distinguishing features of marine organisms in terms of their metabolism, survival mode, information transfer, and adaptability. As a result, unique secondary metabolic and enzymatic mechanisms have led marine organisms to produce a large number of bioactive molecules, making it one of the most promising areas for new drug development. Many marine natural products (MNPs) present novel chemical structures and unique biological activities. For example, some marine-derived terpenoids, peptides, alkaloids, and many other compounds offer great opportunities to discover bioactive lead compounds that may be developed into drugs for treating inflammatory diseases. CD BioSciences, with a professional R&D team and advanced equipment, has extensive experience in MNPs research and is committed to providing strong guarantees for the development of marine anti-inflammatory drugs.

Marine natural products are an important resource for the development of medicines to treat inflammation.Figure 1. Biomolecules from marine sources as human health beneficial agents. (Ghosh S, et al., 2022)

Advantages of MNPs

  • Diversity. Due to the unique marine environment and rich biological diversity, many marine organisms possess unique bioactive molecules, which often have unique chemical structures and significant biological activities.
  • Unique mechanisms of action. Some compounds in MNPs show different anti-inflammatory mechanisms of action from those of terrestrial plants and microorganisms, providing new directions for anti-inflammatory drug development.
  • Multiple biological activities. Many MNPs not only have anti-inflammatory effects but also have multiple biological activities such as antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial, etc., which have comprehensive therapeutic potential.

Classical MNPs and Anti-inflammatory Activity

  • Algal polysaccharides. For example, fucoidan in brown algae and carrageenan in red algae, these polysaccharides have significant anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory effects.
  • Spongins. Diterpenoids derived from sponges demonstrate potent anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity.
  • Mollusc toxins. Sea hare toxins and jellyfish toxins show potent anti-inflammatory activity at low concentrations.
  • Marine microbial metabolites. Antibiotics and secondary metabolites derived from marine actinomycetes and fungi exhibit anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antitumor effects.

What Can We Offer?

  • Preliminary Screening

We provide high-quality marine biological sample collection, preservation, and preliminary processing services to ensure that the active ingredients of the samples are not damaged. In addition, we utilize specialized equipment and techniques to extract natural products from marine organisms and conduct in vitro screening experiments to determine their preliminary anti-inflammatory activities.

  • Separation and Characterization

We utilize high-throughput screening technology to screen marine natural products for anti-inflammatory activity and determine the chemical structure of the active substances.

  • Mechanistic Studies

Our team provides comprehensive mechanistic studies and efficacy assessment services, including cellular, animal, and molecular biology studies. We study the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of natural products through cell and animal models to clarify their targets and signaling pathways.

  • Pharmacodynamic and Toxicological Studies

We conduct systematic pharmacodynamics and toxicology studies to evaluate the efficacy and safety of natural products.

  • Preclinical Trials

We offer full support for clinical trials to verify the efficacy and safety of natural products and provide scientific evidence for clinical trials.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Advanced analytical equipment. We possess a full range of platforms available for the development of marine anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Extensive R&D experience. We have been involved in marine drug development for many years with the most professional technical support and guidance.
  • Diversified. We will develop a personalized service process according to the different indicators and needs of our clients to accelerate the completion of target tasks.

Related Services & Products

The wide variety of marine organisms contains a large number of structurally novel anti-inflammatory active compounds, which is one of the directions for future drug development. CD BioSciences is committed to the innovation and application of marine natural products in the field of inflammation and further promotes the R&D of marine anti-inflammatory drugs. If you would like more information about our services or products, please contact us.


  • Ghosh S, Sarkar T, Pati S, et al. (2022). Novel bioactive compounds from marine sources as a tool for functional food development[J]. Frontiers in Marine Science. 9: 832957.

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