The vast and largely unexplored depths of the oceans are rich in biodiversity and provide an untapped resource for novel therapeutics. Many marine organisms produce metabolites with unique chemical structures that are of high medicinal value due to their remarkable biological activities, making the oceans an important resource for human research on natural medicines. Anti-cancer active substances have been the focus of marine biopharmaceutical research, and multiple types of compounds including terpenoids, polysaccharides, peptides, etc. have been isolated from marine organisms such as sponges, seaweeds, mussels, starfish, etc. CD BioSciences is dedicated to the discovery and utilization of these marine natural products (MNPs) for the development of cutting-edge anticancer drugs, and our pioneering efforts are aimed at turning effective compounds into breakthrough therapeutics that offer new hope in the fight against cancer.

Marine natural products for cancer drug R and D.Figure 1. Marine-derived drugs: Recent advances in cancer therapy and immune signaling. (Saeed A F U H, et al., 2021)

Advantages of MNPs

  • Diversity. Marine ecosystems are complex and diverse, harboring a wide range of unique organisms that produce natural products with a high degree of chemical diversity.
  • Safety. MNPs tend to have lower toxicity and side effects than traditional chemotherapeutic drugs, which are expected to improve patient's quality of life.
  • Varied structures. MNPs have diverse chemical structures that can provide new chemical backbones and active groups for the development of anti-cancer drugs.

Widely Used Anti-cancer MNPs

  • Eribulin
  • Halichondrin B
  • Brentuximab vedotin
  • Plitidepsin
  • Lurbinectedin
  • Plocabulin
  • Aaptamine

What Can We Offer?

  • Extensive Sample Collection

We have a marine resource library with access to samples from different marine environments as well as organisms.

  • Extraction and isolation of compounds

We utilize state-of-the-art extraction techniques to isolate target bioactive compounds from marine organisms. In addition, our team further purifies these compounds through specialized chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques to ensure their integrity and potency for subsequent studies.

  • Screening of MNPs

Our bioassay-guided screening process involves testing isolated compounds against various cancer cell lines. The use of high-throughput screening and phenotypic assays helps us to quickly identify compounds with significant anticancer activity, thereby accelerating the discovery phase.

  • Structural Analysis of Compounds

Once a promising compound has been identified, our structural biology team uses techniques such as NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography to further determine its molecular structure. This detailed understanding allows us to optimize the efficacy and safety of the compound through medicinal chemistry.

  • Drug Development

Based on the structure and mechanism of action of the active ingredient, we perform drug design and optimization to improve efficacy and reduce side effects.

  • Preclinical Drug Evaluation

In the preclinical phase, we conduct rigorous testing using animal models to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetics of lead compounds. This step is critical to ensure that our drug candidates are safe and effective before entering human trials.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • A wealth of expertise. Our expert team of chemists and marine biologists with extensive experience in marine resources and cancer research can accelerate drug discovery and development.
  • Cutting-edge technology platform. We utilize the latest technologies to ensure the highest quality and efficacy of compounds and the rapid identification of promising drug candidates.
  • One-stop service. We develop customized programs according to the needs of each client and provide data reports and results in a short time.

Related Services & Products

With cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of professionals, CD BioSciences is committed to transforming the vast potential of marine natural products into innovative anti-cancer drugs. By utilizing the biodiversity of the ocean, we strive to tap into its immense value in anti-cancer drug R&D. If you would like more information about our services or products, please contact us at any time.


  • Saeed A F U H, Su J, Ouyang S. (2021). Marine-derived drugs: Recent advances in cancer therapy and immune signaling[J]. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 134: 111091.

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