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Development of Marine Bioceramics

Development of Marine Bioceramics

The popularity of bioceramics as an alternative to metal implants is growing exponentially. Bioceramics have excellent biocompatibility, chemical stability, and wear resistance compared with metal implants. In general, most conventional bioceramics are of synthetic origin. Among them, hydroxyapatite, calcium phosphate, and silica-based bioglass have been widely promoted for regenerative medicine. However, these ceramics are available from limited sources, are expensive, and need to follow tedious synthetic procedures. Therefore, it is necessary to identify alternative sources for continued development in the future. Marine invertebrates are one such source. Their superior appendages, secretions and minerals demonstrate their biological effects, starting with the saddle of the mantis shrimp, the shell of a snail, the spine of a sea urchin, the endoskeleton of a cuttlefish and the skeleton of a coral. Another source of bioceramics from marine resources is represented by algae. Algae has high biocompatibility, biodegradability, high pressure resistance, low electrical and thermal conductivity, and low toxicity. At CD BioSciences, our scientists can provide high-quality customized bioceramics in a short time, and the bioceramics we produce have reliable quality assurance.

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Through our in-depth understanding of marine science and the needs of the bioceramic market, we are well versed in what is required to develop in a regulated biological environment. These attributes, together with our comprehensive project management and availability, support the development of bioceramics that are degradable, low toxicity, high voltage resistance,low electrical and thermal conductivity in a compliant manner.

  • Development of marine bioceramics
  • Characterization of marine bioceramics
  • Quality assurance testing of marine bioceramics
  • Porosity determination of marine bioceramics
  • Crystallinity determination of marine bioceramics
  • Composition determination of marine bioceramics
  • Microstructure analysis of marine bioceramics

Our Advantages of Marine Bioceramics Development

  • Constantly optimized protocol and analytical software
  • Professional experiment design
  • Quick turnaround time
  • High accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity
How we work

How we work?

  • We have been supplying high quality bioceramics such as crystallized ceramics, crystallized ceramics, composites for many years.
  • Quality and environmental certificates allow us to implement a management system in line with our philosophy: customer service, continuous monitoring of market needs, research and development activities, all directed towards designing and manufacturing new products, respecting the environment.
  • Our scientists use fish bones, fish scales, oyster shells, coral, crab shells and algae for the development of bioceramics.

CD BioSciences is a professional service provider for the marine biology industry. Our development services of marine bioceramics can ensure that the most suitable methods and techniques are selected for your project. We provide our customers with the most precise ingredient data and highly informed process expertise. Our team of biomass experts plays a key role in the formulation, optimization and commercial evaluation of biomass value-added processes in industry and academia. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

Please kindly note that our services can only be used to support research purposes (Not for clinical use).

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